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  • 450~2050nm SM Patchcord
    450~2050nm SM Patchcord
    many wavelength ranges and Many available fiber connectors and lengths of this single mode patch cable.
  • Polarization Maintaining Patchcord
    Polarization Maintaining Patchcord
    The PM Patchcord series has excellent enviromental stability, high return loss, low insertion loss. It is ideal for PM amplifiers, fiber lasers and test instrumentation applications.
  • Large Core Patch Cord
    Large Core Patch Cord
    This fiber optical patch cable is widely used in medical laser power transmission. With 0.22 numerical aperture. GEZHI Photonics also supply customized patch cord.
  • SMA905 Patchcord
    SMA905 Patchcord
    The SMA-905 Fiber optic patch cable is available in both singlemode and multimode versions.